Monday, July 8, 2013

My latest book is finally out - Please buy it !!!

As I was driving to the Karangkraf Warehouse in Shah Alam, it was raining heavily. Nevertheless It is a great day fo me as my third book "Seni Hiasan Kaca" is finaaly out of the printing press and into the warehouse ready to be distributed. The price is RM 19.90 and it has 128 pages fully coloured. You can get step-by-step istructions in Malay on how to do 22 interesting projects. It is written for anybody who is interested to paint on glass surfaces especially now that Hari Raya is coming, you can decorate your cookie jars.

It will be available soon at MPH and Popular bookstores as well as crafs shops. But currently you are able to get it at Creative Cottage, Amcorp Mall, PJ or Karangkraf Mall, Shah Alam. You can also buy it thru  e-mail, . Call 03-79555909 or send e-mail to to enquire about the details.