Friday, May 4, 2012

Updates on Classes information on website

I had been operating this craft shop for slightly more than 10 years and had teach so many students form all over Malaysia and some from overseas too. Among those that I have thought previously, some just dwindled away but I hope they are doing alright managing their lives. However, some did came back to say hello and give me some good news such as having a new born baby, just about to get married, just recovered from breast cancer or like my OKU student who just had an operation  and now looking radiant....I'm so happy for them. A few years ago I had a student who are supposed to come for class but did not turn up and two weeks later her husband called me and told me that she had died on the operating table..I was very shocked and at the same time feel saddened by this piece of news. So, if you happen to be around my area, please drop by at the shop just to say hello and update me on your latest painting project or if you have not been doing anything about it also please tell me ....I will try to understand.....hahaha!!!

By the way, just like to inform you that the shop website is currently being updated with the latest information. I have decided to focus more on products relating to painting and decoupage. As such we are no longer offering products and classes relating to candle and soap making. In fact we have added more products and classes on painting for adult ( i.e. 13 yrs old and above). We now have series of classes for Folk Art Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Also,we are no longer running children's classes. Please check the info at