Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas gifts and decorations

You can use blown light bulbs to make as Christmas tree ornaments by painting it with Enamel Paint. You can also paint up some drinking bottles and candles using this paint to create gifts or decorations. This is one way of saving some cost of buying Christmas presents. The items painted are all recycled and the paint only cost you RM 13.90 per bottle which you can paint a lot of items with it. You can buy the paint at Creative Cottage, Amcorp Mall, PJ or order it online at You just need to use any cheap round brush (cost you only RM 2.50) to apply it on the surface. Plus the paint can be used on many smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic, tile, mirror, candle, etc...very versatile. No need to apply any protective coating after painting the item. Just leave it to dry for one day and you can wash it with no problem. Just get important colours : Yellow, Red, Green , White, Black and you are already on your way to creating something beautiful for Christmas.

If you don't know how to do it, you can also call 03-79555909 and make appointment to learn. It's RM 35 per person for one hour inclusive of material. Act now before its too late (so cliche ! ....hahaha!!).