Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dekorasi Seni Lukis - Mesra Alam is out!!

At last, my second book "Dekorasi Seni Lukis - Mesra Alam" is finally out of the printing press and I managed to collect some stock this morning. I really feel so excited to be able to hold the real book at last after so many months of working effort and waiting time. The book is in bahasa melayu consist of 15 projects using recycle items with a step-by-step instructions, diagrams, patterns and colourful pictures. Love all the pictures in ceria and meriah....just wondering if I am actually over doing it. You get to learn to paint daisies, roses, tulips, morning glory, hydrangeas, pansies, cherry blossom, frangipani, lilac, sunflower on various surfaces such as diskette, CD, jar, tin, cardboard, slipper, eco-friendly bag, etc. It's only RM 45 (inclusive of postage) for a well-worth 160 pages book.

If you are interested to purchase the book online, you can fill up the feed back form in the Creative Cottage Online web site and i will inform you on the payment procedures. Make sure you give the correct details of mailing address, phone no. e-mail address and the number of copies you like to buy.

Support recycling and support Malaysian product!!!...hehehe