Thursday, October 21, 2010

Launching of Environment week

Yesterday I participated in the launching of the Environment Week in Putrajaya. They have given me a booth to promote Art & Craft using recycle items. As usual I demonstrated glass painting and decoupage to the public. There are great interest among the school children about this form of art.

Its nice to know that there are people who are genuinely appreciate art as it is and to acknowledge that it can help the environment. Of the many that come by to have a look at my creation, only one person had ask about the the commercializing of such product.

I did a lot of personalizing essence chicken bottle ...inscribing names and writing captions on the bottle which I charged RM 1 for each to school children.

Nevertheless, with all the tiredness, I felt good that I have contributed something towards a clean environment. If you are living near Putrajaya, go and visit the exhibition, you may learn something new about keeping the environment clean. "GO GREEN".