Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A book in the making

Recently I was given the opportunity to write a book on painting in Malay language. Working together with the publisher was a great experience. The team was quite young but they have the energy and creativity that is something to be proud about. Thus my book came out with an excellent outlook. Thanks to the editor, photographer, graphic artist and their manager for making it happen.

Painting Birds

This student likes gardening and nature. So for her project she has chosen to paint different types of birds on her stools. I thought it was a good idea to have a theme towards the painted item and for her case it is about birds.

Bhaju Boutique

I was given the opportunity to paint the signage for a Boutique "Bhaju". It was quite an interesting project to do where the concept is to have a rustic english look - roses and soft colours. This signage is for the Subang Parade Outlet.

Also did the drawers for the cabinet for the Amcorp mall Outlet and drawers for the Ampang point outlet.

Young artist at work

If you have the interest plus a bit of talent and creativity, you could actually do some great art work. This boy has shown that he has the the talent and the interest to do a design that is normally done by an adult. It gives great joy for a teacher to see a good attempt by a young student.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A window to the garden

This student painted a garden scene on a huge canvas. Its actually a window overlooking a garden.

Roses are for men too

A male student painting roses on a board. So, decorative painting is not only for girls but guys would like to try it too.

Lace on a biscuit tin

One of the students had painted a lace design on a biscuit tin. It makes a simple tin look elegant and exclusive.

Turtle on the Painting bag

This is done by a student who wanted a totally different outlook to her painting carrier bag. She painted a turtle crawling on the brick floor. It looks very artistic when its done.

Bear in a bed of roses

Painting fluffy bear can be quite fun especially when you paint a bed of roses with it.

Hydrangea on the Treasure Box

Its nice to base the Treasure Box in a dark colour tone. For this case The Forest Green colour is used. Then draped the light colour hydrangea all around it. The effect is quite dramatic.