Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rose on a teapot

Another filbert brush rose, painted on a teapot cut-outs.

Painting Chicken

Most of my students like painting chicken. There are so many version of chicken. This chicken was painted following the instructions and pattern from the decorative painting magazine. It turns out quite well. Mainly using liners to do the brushstrokes and drybrushing/shading.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Painting on tile

Even though she is on a wheelchair, this student has taken the time and the passion to paint flowers on the tile. The paint used is a water-based glass & tile paint.

Filbert Brush Roses

It is nice to paint roses on a unique magazine holder. In this case, my student had painted the roses using the filbert brush. The outcome of the design makes the item looks victorian.

Lace and Faux Finishing

A jewelry box that turns out to be very pretty after you have painted it with lace design on the top and faux finishing design on the side. I was quite pleased with the end product painted by my student. The process took quite a bit of time to finished. Nevertheless it is a satisfying experience for the student. Unfortunately, it is going to be given away as a gift to her friend.